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Hi I am Rachel, folk medicine maker, plant person, mother, nature connection mentor and devote of our Mother Earth.  I have made my home for the past 15 years on an Island in the Salish Sea, the traditional land of the Duwamish, Puyallup, Muckleshoot and Suquamish people. 

Natural places have been my source of connection, creativity and healing since I can remember, and It is through my years of wandering forests that my interest in plants, their medicine and the ways they have supported human wellbeing throughout time has grown and evolved.  I love making medicine! As a folk herbalist it is a large part of how I nurture and deepen my relationships with the plants and the wildness of the world. It is how I take care of my loved ones and infuse my love into my community and how I connect with my ancestors. 

I believe that healing is multi dimensional, happening on physical, emotional, spiritual and soul levels.  Sometime as isolated happenings and often all together at once. Plants are intelligent beings and this wisdom is embodied in their healing gifts. It is my intention to work with plant beings to create remedies that speak to the many aspects of ourselves and to support the wholeness of healing.   

I create small batch seasonal medicine with plants from my garden, ethically harvested (mostly from within my community), or reliably sourced. I am committed to using the highest quality of ingredients in my remedies, organic and sourcing local when available. In each bottle, tin or jar resides the profound healing energies and constituents of these amazing sentient plant beings and is infused with intentions of love, peace and wellness. May these medicines tend  to your connection with our living breathing earth, and may they nourish and support the health of your ever growing and evolving, whole sacred self.

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