Cottonwood Oil

Cottonwood Oil


I call this liquid gold because the uses are many, it smells divine and it is a labor of love collecting the wind blown buds.


I wanted to offer it in oil form this time around instead of salve because it is my favorite form for use. A bit more messy than salve is for on the go,  but I treasure my bottle and think you may too. 


Cottonwood buds are full of one of the most wonderful smelling resins and are powerful in both antimicrobial, antioxidant and inflammatory modulating properties. This makes it an ideal oil for skin ailments such as scrapes, cuts, rashes and minor burns, inhibiting infection and relieving pain. In fact it is high in chemicals called salicylates (which is the main ingredient in aspirin) that are known to decrease pain. 


At my house this is by far a favorite and we use this almost every night to rub on our hard worked sore muscles to ease the pain and tension for a good night’s sleep. But not only does the relief come from the inflammatory modulating (balancing inflammatory responses), Just the smell alone brings you into the present moment making it easier to leave the stress and happenings of the day behind.  


Cottonwood oil has a long shelf life and has been known to last for years when kept from long periods of heat and light exposure. 


Ingredients: Windblown Cottonwood buds and Olive oil




If you are local (on Island) and would like to set up a time for drop of or pick up choose the "local Vashon" shipping option at check out and send me an email.