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Sheep Hide

Sheep Hide




A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the craft of sheep skin tanning. I immediately connected with it and found myself deeply enjoying each step of the process. Sheepskins are rescued from the landfill and transformed into beautiful, useful and life lasting treasures. A process that honors the life of the animal and is respectful to our Earth.


This white fluffy sheepskin has exceptionally thick wool and hide as well. Sturdy, springing and so soft and cozy. As the pictures show there are a few holes in the hide, but they do not compromise the integrity nor do they show through the wool. 


Approximately 45” x 34”

2 1/2  wool length 


I use traditional tanning techniques of salt, fat, smoke and a lot of hard physical work. 

*These hides are handmade items. There may be variations in softness and color as well as possible nicks or stitches that are part of the tanning process.  


* In the wool of each hide you will find plant material left over from the sheep's life in the pasture 


* Each hide will have a subtle smokey smell, that will fade and dissapear with time


If you are interested or have questions, please feel free to send me an email. 


For shipping, please select "sheep hide shipping"  at check out. 


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