Wild Rose Elixir

Wild Rose Elixir



Roses for the heart.  

Perhaps there is no flower so beloved, so cherished and so close to the human heart as the Rose. With a rich, deep history, and lore that runs through nearly every ancient tradition, the Rose can be traced back to the beginning as a devotion and symbol of love offered to our Divine Mother Herself.  


Rose encourages us to live our lives from our heart center, open and soft. While at the same time teaching us that such a beautiful gift of tenderness should never be left unprotected. Rose embodies this in petal and thorn, reminding us that we are capable of vulnerability, fierceness, openness and protection all at once.


I have added yarrow flower essence as another layer of protection to help define the energetic boundaries of what belongs to us and what is outside of us, thus creating a container for the safe deepening into our own wild hearts.


Dosage: Take 1 to 20 drops on your tounge or in water, up to 4 times a day...or as your heart guides you

Ingredients: Wild Rose petals, brandy, raw honey and yarrow flower essence




If you are local (on Island) and would like to set up a time for drop of or pick up choose the "local Vashon" shipping option at check out and send me an email.